Investing Strategies – 4 Mistakes That Can Doom Your Investing Strategies

Mistake 1 – Buy Long Only

Prices go up. Prices go down. Prices go sideways. Investing strategies that work only when prices go up will be losers.
* You’ll win only about a third of the time.
* You need investing strategies for down markets and sideways markets too. Here are some you can easily learn to do:

In a down market –
* Sell short.
* Buy inverse ETFs.
* Buy put options and other option strategies for down markets.
* Buy “hedges” – what goes up when the rest goes down.

In a sideways market –
* Use non-directional option strategies.

All this may sound scary, but it’s easy. All you need is a little coaching.

Mistake 2 – Fight the Trend

Stock prices can trend up or down. They can drift sideways. When there is a trend, go with it.
* Buy long in an up trend. Sell short in a down trend. Prices go up and down even when there’s a trend. Prices always wiggle.
* An up trend means up moves are bigger than down moves.
* A down trend means down moves are bigger

Investing In Brazil Property

Investing in Brazil is a great idea right now. In fact, everyone else is doing it, so shouldn’t you be too?

Brazil, like the other emerging markets in Russia, India and China, is well-positioned for new growth opportunities. Investors might like to take advantage of the liberal opportunities offered by the country’s stock exchanges or the offshore investment opportunities available to foreigners.

These are attractive options in a booming economy but, with the world’s stocks and shares discredited in recent years, the Brazil property market will always be the most attractive option for anyone serious about investing in Brazil.

Those investing in the Brazil property market are starting to reap some fine rewards and demand for new land and property is beginning to soar. In parts of Brazil, property is doubling each year as the country heads towards its double coup hosting the 2014 football World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games.

Those are two massive world events that should add billions to the already thriving economy, which is creating another 19 millionaires every day, according to Forbes magazine.

So what’s behind it all? President Lula has been influential, keeping inflation down to around 5% and introducing a

Retirement planning – Live Tension Free

Once you are no longer employed or are no longer energetic enough to continue with your business and that steady source of income comes to a halt, how have you planned to still keep going forward and having as much fun as you used to? Do you wish to retire without having any plans of how to sustain yourself afterwards? If you have not done it yet, go and get the best Retirement planning now! Having retirement plans will not only secure the future for you and your family but will also enable you to continue living tension free without any scare of the future. There are multitudes of plans you can find via the various sources of media such as the television or internet. On the internet you can search and browse various sites owned by different companies providing many types of plans for your retirement. Go ahead and check each out as the better you homework the better deals you will be able to get. You can also find various web sites that provide the feature to compare the plans with each other on the basis of a range of features and prices. This is a very easy

Hedge fund investing guide 101

Hedge funds have become a new craze among the investors who are looking for higher net returns and to diversify their investment portfolio. However, before investing one should first have a basic idea of what hedge funds are all about. A hedge fund is characteristically a privately organized joint investment fund, predominantly invested in public traded securities. It is a pool of invested capital, used mainly by wealthy or financially experienced individuals and institutions. Usually, law to just 50 to 100 investors per fund restricts hedge funds. Thus, most hedge funds set very high standards for an individual to be a qualified purchaser. Most often, an investor with a net worth of above one million dollars and an annual income exceeding two hundred and fifty thousand dollars is only considered as a qualified customer. Hedge funds are very similar to mutual funds. The difference between the two is of strategies they use. Hedge funds use a set of strategies other than investing long in bonds, equity, mutual funds and money markets. Thus, its strategies can generate positive returns irrespective of the rise and fall in the equity and bond markets.

One way to invest in hedge funds is to

Canadian Coalbed Methane Stocks 7 Things to Know Before Investing


We asked Dr. David Marchioni to provide our subscribers with his 7 Tips to help investors better understand what to look for, before investing in a CBM play. Dr. Marchioni helped co-author the CBM textbook, An Assessment of Coalbed Methane Exploration Projects in Canada, published by the Geological Survey of Canada. He is also president of Petro-Logic Services in Calgary, whose clients have included the Canadian divisions of Apache, BP, BHP, Burlington, Devon, El Paso Energy, and Phillips Petroleum, among others. He is also a director of Pacific Asia China Energy and is overseeing the companys CBM exploration program in China.

Our series of telephone and email interviews began while Dr. Marchioni sat on a drill rig in Albertas foothills, the Manville region, until he finished outlining his top 7 tips, or advices, on how to think like a CBM professional.


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